Here I want to share some moments from the first part of my still ongoing journey that has taken me from so different places and encounters, like a mothers heartbreaking sorrow over her loss in Iquitos, to the childrens joyful games in the shade of the teak trees in Mandalay.

I wish I could tell you I had a grand plan, but the simple truth is that I was driven by a curiosity to explore various aspects of life and an inner urge to capture these magic moments on my cameras sensor. In a way I was never trying to tell a particular story, it was more as if I was shooting from a place inside me. The more pictures I took the more I came to realize how often they became two-fold. How I was drawn to both a solemn and a light side at the same time.

This doubleness I find very beautiful in both movies and music, like a song with a happy melody and a sad lyric, but in the beginning I was surprised to see the same theme taking shape in my own photographic vision. Looking back on it now it feels like I was almost subconsciously looking for a way out of my own darkness while at the same time hiding from my own problems by looking outwards instead of inside myself.

In the following photos I am not claiming to produce facts about the world or the people in it. It’s more of a reflection of how I saw these situations play out in front of my eyes.